Tween Girl Christmas ... who isn't

Tween Girl Christmas ... who isn't "girly"

December 13, 2021

Holidays are rough, period. But having a girl who isn't "girly", that's not quite a teen and "not a baby anymore" is a new ball game. 

I ALWAYS shop year round so I'm done holiday shopping early. This also helps me stay within a reasonable budget by grabbing sales and clearance items. This year I was thrown a curve ball. She declared being too old for toys!! After I had already gotten all her faves, naturally. All the LOL Surprise Dolls, no longer relevant. The wooden fruit she wanted so badly, a thing of the past. The barbies and other dolls, no fun anymore. WHAT?!?!!!

I knew this day would come but I thought it would be gradual, not over night. Thankfully she still believes in all the holiday magic and wrote her yearly list! So here is what I got so you don't have to struggle. Also, nothing is over $100

1. Instax Fuji Film mini

This camera is a take on my childhood camera and it is so fun for kids to use. Prepare yourself for the over use at first with some regular film and save the pretty ones for later. I promise, they will want to take photos of random things.

1b. With the plain Jane film

2. Headphones with graphics

My daughter loves anime right now so I went with these My Hero Academia headphones from Hot Topic but you can't go wrong with any headphones honestly.

3. Fidgets

Any kind,  color, style... They're all the rage right now! Multipacks are perfect for starters. I even catch myself playing with them when she forgets them in my car. 

4. Octopus plush

These cute plushies are a favorite of all ages right now. You can even get them in other animals but the original octopus can't fail! 

5. Bedroom decor

Don't come for me but I got some cute decals and signs at the Dollar Tree for this one. You can also check major retailers or discount stores for fun unique finds. Target and Walmart usually have the newest trends and TJ Maxx has quality items for less. Just be sure to know what your kiddos style is first. 


I hope these ideas helped! Happy holidays


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