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A lot have asked. I will be making face masks for those that need them. These will NOT prevent you from getting the virus. They are not medical grade. Something is better than nothing! These are being made following the directions provided by the CDC.

Health care providers take priority on my list. If you work in the health field and would like one, please let me know. I will make one for free per person but ask that you pick it up or PayPal the shipping cost.

Anyone else who needs one who works in life essential fields, such as P&G or grocery stores are next priority. I am asking that you cover the cost of material and pick up or cover shipping, one per person at cost please. $3 each
With the exception of Pennsylvania workers, one free per person.

All others will be full price at $6 each plus shipping costs

Anyone picking up will be porch pick up. All masks will be in baggies with names.
Shipping cost will be calculated by the website



Looking for a mask? I have currently put my bow business on hold this weekend to help out with the shortage our first responders are having by sewing masks! If you are in need, please go one post back and check out all of the details.

Also, if you would like to donate so that I can buy more supplies, please do, every little bit helps!

Let’s not be part of the problem, and try to be part of the solution.



The world can look scary right now and isolation can make us feel so alone. Are you feeling it?

Thankfully we have social media to help keep in contact with loved ones. But what about beyond that? What about our communities?
Depleted resources make us fear becoming ill more than the virus itself.
We keep being told to wash our hands but can't even find toilet paper!

Communities need to pull together now more than ever. We are proud to say that we will continue to provide free cloth masks to health care workers for as long as we possibly can! Our community has pulled together enough donations for over 400 masks so far AND COUNTING 💜

You are seen. You are appreciated.



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