Bows Give Back

Our mission here at Fairytale B&T is to create a community of woman who empower one another. (and men who empower woman too!) I've reached out to followers and asked questions both personal and about our products. What I've found is that each and every one of them has a desire to help others in a multitude of ways. Money, schooling, child care, time, etc are holding them back from these dreams.

The Bows Give Back project was started to provide the financial support that these woman could use to help achieve these goals quickly, efficiently and without guilt (I was often told the money is better put toward children). 

One dollar ($1) of every bow purchased from our weekly live sale goes toward a payout for a member of our community to make their lives easier. It could be to achieve the goals mentioned above, buy groceries, pay a bill, provide shoes for a child, or ANYTHING that they could be needing at that time. 

You can nominate someone to receive this gift by emailing with a description of why you believe they could use some help, how much you think they would need, and a point of contact. If you wish to remain anonymous, add ANON to the title of your email.

You can also donate to this project! We want to help as many woman in our community as we can. Even twice if we are so lucky!

With much love,
The Fairytale Team