Sensitivity to hair brushing is a real thing and there are many reasons it can happen. Even without sensory processing challenges, hair brushing can be painful and uncomfortable. The situation can cause tension in relationships between parents and children. 

We asked the community what their biggest struggles were and many mentioned tangles, knots, and getting them out. A few specifically mentioned how sensitive their children are to the entire hair brushing process.

We did some research and spoke to experts to find some of the best tips out there to help with this heartbreaking issue

  • Massage the head before begining
  • Provide a mirror so the child can either watch what you are doing or see what they are doing
  • Try brushing other areas of the body to desensitize first, such as the arms
  • Use a firm steady pressure, it creates a different sensation than light strokes
  • Softer bristles tend to hurt less
  • Talk to them calmly to Express your understanding and possible solutions. If they have a say, there may be less tension in the relationship for tricks that don't work for you. 
  • Choose a low maintenance hair style
  • Use quality products to help with detangling