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Hey all. Thanks for taking the time to not only check out Fairytale Bows & Tutus but, to also take a look at our blog. I am new to Fairytale Bows & Tutus and the blogging world and would like to introduce myself. My name is Shannon. I am mommy to a wild and sweet 2 year old boy and wife to an amazing husband of 4 years. I was born and raised in good ol' North East Pennsylvania. I come with no filter and a sarcastic sense of humor that is too heavy to carry. I love life and all the adventures it drags me on. Although I am not a fan of talking about myself.

Anyone reading also from Pa? Good golly has it been hot! I love summer and warm weather, but must it be so warm it's as if the lava is rising from Mother Earth's core! Ya know what goes great together? Toddlers and 90 some degree days....NOT.  My little guy wakes up and its as if he knows that Mother Nature is about to have a mental breakdown. Whiney, yes. Cranky, double yes. I absolutely love to snuggle up and cuddle but not when there is a suction cup of sweat between us. Gag if you must but most of us have lived this, heck some of us may be living it right this very minute. Sorry if you are, been there felt all that. On warm days I like to swim. Our local State Park offers a nice sandy beach. We took a ride over to cool off and swim. After all who doesn't enjoy the nice warm water with entirely too many bodies and sandy pants? I took my son out and we splashed around and cooled off.  Then I headed back to the beach and I handed him a bucket of sandbox toys we brought along. His dad asked him if he wanted to play "nope". So I sat down and asked him to play "no momma". Okay so I evidentially brought those for no reason and he was obviously joking when he said he wanted to bring them. Then it all happened. This little ray of sunshine in a blue bathing suit came over and grabbed a toy, asked if he wanted to play, and boom he suddenly loved those darn toys! It was as if she was the light in his day. No hate, no fear, just friendship!  All good things came to an end after about an hour when her mom decided she wanted her back. Good thing because I don't think she would like the suction cup sweaty snuggles! Enjoy the warmth and the sunshine with no hate, no fear, and don't be afraid of a new friendship!

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. Who knows what next week will bring! I want to end on an awesome note and offer a Coupon Code!

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