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August 02, 2017

Happy blog day everyone!

We are all people. Everyone is different. We all live different lifestyles. Not everyone has the same job or education. Everyone raises their children different. We do not dress the same. Some of us don't have a lot of money. We have different bodies. All of the differences we have in life, but yet we all still have one common ground, we are all human. No one is perfect. Not one of us leads a flawless life. We all make mistakes and we all need a little motivation every now and then to keep us moving forward.

I know I do. In one form or another. A kick in the butt. A slap in the face. A pep talk. It doesn't matter what form it comes in or how much motivation we need, every now and then we all need some uplifting support.

This past weekend I needed a pep talk. Someone to remind me that I too am a human.  As I have said before, I am the mom of an energetic two-year-old boy. We ventured out this past weekend to a local picnic in our community. It was the night of the parade and our little boy loves fire trucks. He, however, hates the stroller and we don't always like to confine him to the stroller because he likes independence and loves to hold your hand and walk. Although, the parade factor made me a little nervous. If he just so happened to get away from me at the road side and dart out in front of one of these vehicles, it would be awful! So, we packed his Kid Keeper Backpack. It's a handy backpack that straps around him and has a lead for me or dad to hold onto. I generally put my hand in the loop on the lead and hold his hand so that if he does get away he cannot get too far. In turn, he doesn't get into parade traffic, he doesn't get lost, and as my husband says no one can steal him. Sure I am a responsible mom, but I am also only human, and my child does get away. He is much quicker than me! I had a mom look me right in the eye and basically announce how completely wrong I was as a mom. How it was inhumane of me to do this to my child. She basically publicly announced that he wasn't an animal. She mom shamed me! I wanted to turn around and go right back home. My husband sat down with me and gave me that kick in the butt pep talk that I needed. I am his mom and he is my child. I keep him happy and healthy in my ways. What others think should be oblivious. I have no shame! We should not be judging others parenting styles what so ever but, unfortunately, it happens far too often. There is no rule book! We are all different!

Whatever it may be we all need some motivation sometimes. Let it be parenting, or school, or our jobs, every now and then we need a pick me up! Sometimes we need our significant other to remind us that we are doing just fine. We may just need to take a look at our children to see the light because they are the reason we keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can sit down and have a glass of wine with your sister or your mom and just explode and have them explode right back at you with the positive enforcement that you need! Hey, some of us may really need that slap in the face. Wake up, you have got this! You can do this! You are great just the way you are! Chin up buttercup! I think we look for this pep from the people closest to us because they know us the best.

I won't slap anyone, but I will say that we are all human. Not one of us is the same and we all have our ways. Aside from our differences, we all need to stick together. We are a band of people: moms and dads, husbands and wives, students, business owners. Instead of kicking someone down, see what you can do to help them up! Every now and then we all need it.

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