Winter Weather Wardrobe

If you're in a warm-weather state, I envy you right now!

Here in Pennsylvania, it's still back and forth. One day will be perfect sweater weather and the next day I need a Parka or I'll die. (not literally. I'm dramatic because I dislike being cold) 

With the changing of the seasons comes changing of the wardrobe. Tank tops go away and hoodies come out. Shorts get tucked away into boxes and new jeans fill up the washer twice as fast. The jet skies get stored away and the snow pants get in the way.
It's a fact of Pennsylvania living. The views are breathtaking... and so is the $600 heating bill. 

One wardrobe change that is often overlooked, the pajamas. Being comfortable at night is key to a restful sleep and a good day. When we are too hot or too cold, we toss and turn. We don't get into that deep slumber that our bodies really need. Especially kids! They burn so much energy during the day that a good night sleep is absolutely necessary (mostly for mommy's sanity). 

Nightgown with French Terry Sweater Knit

This idea is golden! Seriously, if I could hug this pattern designer through the computer... she would probably be getting a restraining order by now!


This is a one-piece pajama. No matching stuff. No finding sets. Less laundry. That alone is a win! 


The nightgown is just below knee length so it covers the body enough to keep warm. The long sleeves made with a sweater knit keep the kid warm even if she leaves her arms over the blanket at night! Full body protection from the piercing cold at night!


She feels like a princess wearing a "dress" to bed. She actually likes it. That's the one thing that truly matters at the end of the day. She is comfortable and feels good.


If you want to make one of these awesome nightgowns, head over to Mamma Can Do It and grab your copy of the pattern. If you don't sew, you can buy one here in the custom section!
Fabric Credit: Starfluffle Fabric

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