Why Your Custom Item Smells Dreamy

Shopping online we often expect a box to come with our order wrapped in some plastic packaging inside. When opening the bag, the room fills with a mixture of toxic chemicals and musty storage smells. Many choose to hang the item up or wear it immediately. In many cases, the material is not preshrunk in a hot cycle and has residue from production and storage. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect item and it shrinking in half after the first wash!

At Fairytale Bows and Tutus we process all material before it is released to customers for viewing! As soon as the materials come in our door, they are washed individually in a top of the line Samsung front loader and dried on high to eliminate as much shrinkage as possible. When washing, Arm & Hammer (fresh scent with oxi clean) detergent and Downy fabric softer (the original) are used along with one Bounce fresh scent dryer sheet when drying. The process leaves the material feeling silky with a fresh scent that lasts even after the first wear! Washing also allows dyes to rinse and permanently sets all ink (on digitally printed fabrics) to avoid any future color bleeding. All measures are taken to prevent the materials from changing drastically after the first wear. 

 When shopping with Fairytale Bows and Tutus, you CAN put your item on immediately without fear!

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