What a milestone!

September 06, 2017

I have finally done it! I have reached 1000 followers ORGANICALLY! It was been a long and bumpy road but I did it!

I'm not going to lie. The very moment I got my 1000th like on the Facebook page, I paid for my first add. I had convinced myself some time ago, for some unknown reason, that I wasn't "something" until I hit this milestone. I know, I know, it sounds totally foolish. Sometimes creative people hold themselves to ridiculous standards.

I have since learned. I have learned a ton! Mostly from Jennifer Allwood and her awesome inner circle group for creative business owners. You can follow my affiliate link if you want to join! If you don't feel ready to jump in, she has a ton of amazing webinars or just follow her Facebook Page. Even if you're not a creative business owner, she is encouraging and a ton of fun to follow! She has taught me so much since I began following her.

Now that I feel like I'm forming a brand, I feel the need to promote and brand myself and my items. You may have noticed the recent name change. We used to be "Your Fairytale Bows and Tutus". In case you were wondering what the B&T stood for. I started my business over four years ago with just hair bows. We've grown, we closed and I went back to work, we opened back up and I dedicated myself to my business 100%. After we reopened a year and a half ago, the page has BOOMED. 

We took on employees to help handle things in the virtual world. I work with an amazing group of woman who I wouldn't trade for anything!
I am in school to further my education in business and I read a lot of helpful books.
I read a ton of books about small business, marketing, even accounting. I do everything I can to provide quality items at an affordable price point.

I am currently reading Crash The Chatterbox and you can get it here if you'd like to read along and discuss with me.


And now for the BIG REVEAL
The Giveaway of a lifetime!
We are giving away THREE DISNEY TICKETS!!! Stay tuned for more details for our amazing giveaway!

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