Sew Americana

Sew Americana

June 25, 2017


If you have followed all week and gone in order, you've visited some amazing shops and blogs along the way. If you haven't made all the stops, do so. These women have created inspirational pieces! They are all linked down there at the bottom.

Let me explain why I am here. Why I chose to make outfits for "America Day" as my daughter calls it. A plain white tee would have sufficed but I needed my outlet. Here is why:

Last year we hosted a party for the fourth of July. I will NEVER do it again! Spending time with family and friends is fun and amazing memories are made. This is absolutely true.
Last year I used six... yes six... cans of spray paint. On what you may be wondering... painting stars in the grass. It was adorable! I loved it! I went the extra mile and went over the white stars with glow in the dark paint too! Don't do this. Please. First, it took a long time to turn the grass into a standard white that was worth the effort. It seems like such a simple task but it's not. By the last star, I didn't spray in brushing motions. I held the nozzle in the most aggressive way over the same spot until the grass was drenched in wet paint. Then, I had to point it out. No one went out of their way to express how cool it looked but the little kids. Total bummer! But hey, at least someone thought it was awesome! Lastly, if you actually plan to have a party, don't waste your time. It looks cute. Only if the yard isn't actually used. Once it gets trampled on, rolled on, drinks and hot dogs dropped on, it's not cute anymore. I promise, at the end of the day the mess will look a million times worse because of the discolored grass everywhere.
This year I will instead admire someone else's decor. I will point out the little things. I will eat all the foods died red and blue. I will stuff my face with 5 traditional hot dogs. Maybe I'm exagerating, maybe I'm not. Chase kids around the yard. Make someone angry with cold water. I will take a moment to honor those who gave me freedom. At the end of the night, I will go to sleep and I will wake up on the fifth (my brothers birthday by the way!) to a clean house. 


I'm a creative person. I like to make things. I can't just sit back and ignore the patriotic crafts screaming from within me! I need glitter and stripes and stars and all the patriotic things. The moment I saw this blog tour I knew what I needed to do! I needed to put away the horrible ready to wear, store-bought, generic fitting clothes I've been wearing for years. I needed to make something specifically for my body. My daughter too because she's literally a mini version of me. Something with personality and a flattering fit, but comfortable. I can't be the only one who thinks wearing pants means business. There is minimal room for comfort with business. 
... I know, get to the crafty stuff already, right?!...

Bows are my favorite thing to make so we will start there. Peyton is a wild child. She loves to be a princess but she also likes to dig up worms and has her own actual tool set. She loves to wear bows but they dare not interfere with her activities. The holiday is all about fun activities so we chose a little bow in a high pigtail. All of her hair is contained and cute! She has the thin baby like hair still so this a challenging task. For real, I am jealous of those toddlers out there with long gorgeous thick hair! 

The princess is wearing the Isla from The Siple Life Pattern Company. The short hemmed sleeves and flowy bottom of the peplum will keep her cool and comfortable all day. She is patriotic without the in your face traditional designs. Paired with her favorite pair of Lucky Brand Jeans and white Sperry loafers. A cool casual look perfect for any style of gatherings. Or a quick shopping trip to take advantage of the sales!



Thus we have it. A child's outfit that isn't SO patriotic that she can wear it all year and Sew Americana Blog Tour worthy!

 Now for me. Remember before when I mentioned wearing pants means business? Wel, this year I want to be all play! No pants were a must. This meant a dress. Ehh, but I'm tall and have mile long legs. This can make a flattering dress look ... well, how do I put this politely... not so classy. I don't want to wear a mumu either! The Favorite Tee from Patterns for Pirates was the perfect solution! 
I used the short sleeve dress length with a scoop neck. The neck cut is lower but not so low I needed to worry if I had to mom for a moment. The fit is nice and snug around the bust and flowy around the waist. When I'm done with my 5 hotdogs, no one will even notice how bloated I am! The best part, NO PANTS! I used a fun striped tye dye knit material from JoAnn Fabrics so this piece can be worn any time. In the cooler months I will pair it with a pair of peg legs and a grandpa cardigan (also from Patterns for Pirates). 


 Thank you for visiting and reading! If you DO choose to paint stars on your lawn, PLEASE share your results with me! I am here because I failed at hosting. I needed something creative to do with the season and creating outfits was fun, memorable, and challenging.
Now, what are we going to wear for shark week?! Come back and find out!




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