The First week of School

It's been rough. I'm not going to lie to you.

Day one: When we pulled up, it hit me. A surge of emotions that can not be explained. Happy and sad, excited and depressed, wanting to hold her and not let go but yet wanting to push her through the door and run. As everyone began to unbuckle I cracked a joke, "Okay everyone back in, we will just do this next year". Without skipping a beat she said to me, "It's okay mommy. I got this." In that moment a realized that she is ready to grow. She wants this. She isn't kicking and screaming. She isn't  begging for mercy. She WANTS to go to school. I had better figure out how to be on board with this. I smiled and said, "I know you do, baby". We took our pictures and she was off. 
I was fine until lunch time. That was when I stood in my kitchen and yelled, "IT'S TOO QUIET!" because I couldn't stand the silence in the house. What am I supposed to do? What is my purpose now?! No lunch to cook, no toes to tickle, no yelling to be done. What on earth do I do?! Check the time every ten minutes for pick up!

Fast forward to Friday... HOW ON EARTH WILL I GET THROUGH THIS WEEKEND?!?!?! She's going to drive me batty. I'm beginning to find love with the daily peace. Mommy makes stuff and she hasn't seen me make stuff all week and started a list this morning while eating Cheerios! I hope her teacher explains that she doesn't have to wake up and bug me first thing in the morning. I pray there is no melt down in the morning. I can picture it already. Pray for me guys. If you don't pray... think of me. Send happy (and sleepy) vibes our way tomorrow morning PLEASE!

The hardest part of my Friday... She isn't wearing a single mommy made item!
Did you see my facebook post?

Those Jeans are the cutest though, right?!
Grab a pair on Amazon. You can find awesome deals on name brand jeans! Her boots are cute and we have them in tan and pink! The quality is AMAZING! They're a little pricey but well worth it. These have been covered in mud and sprayed by the pressure washer and they're still holding up with no sign of holes!



Her sweater is from Carter's retail store a year ago but it still fits and has no stains so who cares that it's old?! She's comfortable after a long week and that's what truly matters right?!
OH, public service announcement: YES, the bow girl IS wearing a bow! It's tiny and clipped to her ponytail so you can't see it.

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