Take a bite out of this!

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to Shark Week!

There are a lot of mysteries about what lurks beneath the beautiful, blue oceans! I love the ocean, but I do fear how close things can get to me. Those taking the leap into the deep blue, could you outswim a shark? I was pretty interested in watching Micheal Phelps swim against a shark until I saw that it wasn't a real shark! That doesn't seem very exciting, well to me, at least. I noticed that the judges did come to the conclusion that the shark would've beaten him by about two seconds. I would have been bait by that time! They said, "Great White Sharks can swim about 25mph when in the heat of the moment". In the heat of the moment, I know my doggy paddle would sink me!

This week I have something new for you guys to sink your teeth into!

A shirt that will make the kiddies scream! A shark shirt!

This new shirt from Fairytale B&T's is simply awesome! Plus, it's comfortable and cool! I am sure, from the picture attached, you can see they have correctly named it: The MM Shark Tee. My little monster cannot wait to get his, and I cannot wait to see him rock it! I don't know what little boy wouldn't love this. They can just wear it to lounge or they can put up the hood and chase their little sister like she is a shrimp! Doesn't that just sound like a thrill? Come on, you know you want one. Or two! You could even grab one for her! Fairytale B&T's  can make them in different colors, for both boys and girls! Then, they can have their very own shark race! Come on, mom, they won't bite. Whoever is wearing it, is going to look awesome!

As far as sharks go, I will stick to the movies! I have never seen one, outside of an aquarium, or in real life. I think that the cartoon sharks are the best, personally! Watching a thriller, with sharks, is likely to give me anxiety in the bathtub! Laugh at me, if you will, but the sharks would probably laugh too! I'm sure they would likely think of me as fast food, and not because of my speed!

Head on over and order these shirts! Here is a coupon code for free shipping (SHARKWEEK), for those of you who do! You will not be disappointed!

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