Starbucks Genius Marketing

Starbucks Genius Marketing

April 26, 2017

Everyone has heard of the new Unicorn from Starbucks. The colorful and sugary drink has been flooding the news feed of every social media platform. The drink is easy to picture and quickly posted by all!

So what exactly made this, commonly referred to as horrid tasting, drink so insanely popular.
YOU! And your friends. And their friends.
Let me explain....

Unicorns are all the rave right now and smart businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. Clothing companies refer to unique items as unicorns, producing items with unicorns on them. Rainbow prints are being called 'unicorn' colors rather than a rainbow. Naturally, a large chain will take advantage of a social media trend.
Add to the trend, the excitement to try a new limited drink that is colorful and photogenic, Like your friend's unicorn frap picture in your newsfeed. Seems harmless right? Wrong!
You just single-handedly spread the market to anyone who follows you. Every time you interact with the new beverage, the reach is expanded.
Users provided FREE marketing to Starbucks for the colorful drink. 

Imagine if small businesses were interacted with on such a high level. Take a moment to think about the things you interact with on social media. Large chains or small business? A new Dunkin add or the dinner down the street? A fake chain store sale for $1 t-shirts, or a real 10% discount for a small shop?

Thanks for reading! Enjoy this 10% off coupon good until May 1, 2017
coupon code: UNICORN

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