Stained Clothes Frenzy

Nordstrom debuted their 'stained jeans' for $425.00, causing much controversy. We can only assume since they are a large retailer, these jeans will sell!

Exclusively for our customers, we are thrilled to offer...

A one of a kind real stained shirt, on sale this week for 50% off retail $207.50!

Pick your stain from a variety of options, including but not limited to: strawberries, sand, mud, ketchup, pizza sauce, juice, drool, milk, chocolate, spaghetti sauce, ice cream, chicken nuggets, etc. Have a favorite stain, let us know and we will make it happen for you! 

Why buy fake when you can have the real thing for less.
Tune into our live video Friday at 6 pm when we create the stained and distressed look for less!

Our personal stainers: 

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Thanks for reading! Use this week's blog exclusive coupon code for 10% off!
Coupon code: Stains

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