Spring 2018 Must Have Items

The weather has been CRAZY this spring on the east coast! Easter Day was a nice calm cool spring day, the next day we had 4 inches of snow! Being forced to keep my parka out has had me literally dreaming of laying on the beach. What more would we expect form spring? 

Realistically, this is normal for spring. We are all just so tired of the cold weather that every time it warms up we want it to stay that way. We are anticipating that final push into bright sunshiney days. 

The hardest part of the back and forth weather is trying to figure out how to dress every day. Packing for a weekend away is nearly impossible. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite spring staples. But wait... who am I? why should you listen to what I have to say about it?
Well, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Home of the most hormonal mother nature in all of the USA. I'm also a mom. I have been in the position of walking around like a pack mule with jackets and sweaters. I've had the sweat dripping down my back when everyone decides it's too hot to wear those jackets. I've also had the goosebumps when 'someone' doesn't want to listen and bring a sweater so they wear mine like a full body suit. Most importantly (for this topic anyway), I am a seamstress with a good knowledge of the different materials you should be using during the crazy season. 

First Staple: Jeans

We all want to be in our daisy dukes already and wear swimsuits as bras. I get it. But we aren't there yet. A light jean with minimal holes will keep you or your loved one warm when it's chilly but a thinner denim will prevent you from getting too hot when it warms up. 

For you:


These jeans available at Target for only $24.99 are a perfect example of the current style and denim weight for the spring.

For Him:


These durable Rock Revival Jeans available on Amazon are perfect for all spring activities. The decorative stitching and unique wash offer a style that won't come and go with a construction that will last for years.

For the kids:


Children grow quickly! This is no secret for parents. When it comes to jeans, I prefer the Children's place. These are perfect for growing kids to run and play in during the spring. The low cost won't make you cringe when they jump in a puddle either! Styles for boys and girls are plentiful! 

The second Staple: Cardigans!

Cardigans, not pullovers. They're lighter weight and easily slip on and off. If the weather quickly changes you can easily add or remove the layer. If you need to carry it, it won't be as much of a hassle. Choose from medium-weight sweater knits. Avoid large empty areas. They look cute but they won't help you this spring!

For you:

This cardigan from Target is perfect. The material is a lighter weight sweater knit with long sleeves and has a longer tunic style. As a mom, I always pick pickets.

For him:


Men are taking the spotlight this season with big bold styles. This cardigan is stunning and has a purpose. And it's available on Amazon for only $29.99, super score! 

For the kids:

Come back April 13th for our release of the unisex cardigan we pick!

Final Staple: Accessories

Style these staples with a basic graphic tee for a cute and casual style for the entire family! You can get some fun graphic tees from Kidz N Me Apparel. Grab some matching bows here and use code SPRINGSTAPLE to save through May 4, 2018. Suspenders from our friends at SweetLooks Collections (use coupon PEYTON15 to save!) and steal the spotlight everywhere you go!

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