Resolution fails... or wins!

It’s June!
This year is flying by!
Since we are almost halfway thru the year, why don’t we review some of our resolutions, whether they were successful, or fails! I’ve had some great ones throughout the years…
Go to the gym… HAHAHAHAHAHA… no… I’ll just sit my tushie right here & be happy, thanks. (We are going to start making gym clothes, so I may 'try' this gym nonsense)
Start a hobby… the only hobby I’m really good at is shopping, so I’ll stick with that one. Especially since I love all the clothing we make, that makes it harder to stop shopping!
Read more… nope, I find I lose interest in things super quick, so why bother!
Play more… well, I guess I’ve accomplished that this year since the little is mobile, and I find the need to chase her allllll over the place!
Stop procrastinating… yea… you’re not the boss of me, so I’m going to stick with procrastinating!
Spend more time outside… about this one… the outside has nature, and nature has bugs and bugs like me… so… I’ll keep myself inside unless I have to go outside, we don’t need to be reminded of ‘the thing we don’t speak of attack of 2017’ (yes, a creature of the outside gross buy variety managed to get on our screen door and subsequently fell off said screen door when I opened it & landed on me… said creature was not murdered since said creature was too quick for my freaking out self… hopefully one of the furrballs murdered said, creature)
Travel more… until I become independently wealthy… I’ll just stay with my boring non-traveling ways
Annoy people… SUCCESS! I accomplish this one daily, and am proud of my annoying ways!
Start a journal… this one makes me sad, I said I would start one when the little was born, and I still haven’t, maybe before the end of 2017!
Do you have any resolutions that you have done or haven’t even tried to do? 
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