Pass me the ketchup!

Good morning all! July is creeping right in on us. This weekend is the all-American holiday weekend. The 4th is Tuesday! Happy Independence Day. Bring on the BBQs and bonfires. What do you do for the 4th? Do you have a tradition or do you just kind of "wing it" each year? Do you catch a good fireworks show or suddenly become a pyromaniac and put on your own?

I was reading an article the other day about the upcoming holiday. 150 million. That's a big number. Does anyone want to take a wild guess at what that number represents? I would have never guessed this to be quite this much, but sources say that that is indeed the average number of HOTDOGS consumed over the 4th of July holiday weekend! 150 million hot dogs. I guess it is safe to say that no matter how much people say they are unhealthy, there is still a vast majority of America that is still eating them! Including myself. How do you do your dog? Are your dogs covered in mustard and ketchup? Do you add some kraut or chili? Or are you a real go-getter and get it all jazzed up with like pickles and cheese and a bunch of other yumminess? I think there is a hot dog out there that has an actual pickle spear on it... I am generally down for anything pickle but have yet to try anything like this. While there are probably hundreds of ways to have a good old hot dog, I think it's safe to say that the hot dog is not going anywhere this upcoming holiday weekend.

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We generally go camping and that is still in the plan. Grill some food, do some swimming, have a campfire, and roast some marshmallows. Anyone else? Do you want to know what I always wonder? Why in the world do I still continue to get marshmallows when it's one of my main complaints! You put the little puff ball on a stick, you hold it over the fire 'til golden brown or burnt, whichever you prefer, and you eat the darn thing! Yet, how in the world does one child have it in their hair like it's the latest craze, another be covered from head to toe, and you manage to step on one headed to bed later that night? Who even knew that one small little bite of melted goodness could possibly cover a child from head to toe? They are not even that big! They should sell said marshmallows right next to the cleanup wipes! Because there is no doubt you're going to need them and some sanity, but I haven't found that at our local grocery store yet!

With all the fun and the sun lets not forget that with this holiday we celebrate the Independence of the USA. Some celebrate it as the birthday of our great country! With all the negative in our country these days we need to do our best to spread as much positivity as we can. I don't talk about politics now nor will I ever because that is far stickier than 150 million marshmallows. I do support our great free country and all of the men and women past and present in the United States Military. Freedom doesn't come free. So while you're waving your flags, roasting your marshmallows, and eating your share of those hot dogs remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the freedom to celebrate holidays like the 4th of July! Happy Birthday to the USA. Stay safe and have some fun!

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