Let's Talk About Men


 I will be sharing thoughts on men. 

*a slightly evil giggle*

To all of our male customers and blog readers, you may want to take notes here. 

No, seriously, let's talk about men. Don't get nervous guys, there's always room for praise. We love them. We hate them. And you know what, most times we feel both at the same time. They light up our life with that cute, crooked smile. The way their eyes sparkle when you give them a compliment. And then there's certain times, well, you know. For example- Yep, there's the remainder of their late night snack on the counter in the morning, when all you want to do is make a fresh pot of coffee. A pile of laundry is on the floor, next to the basket. (Dude. It's seriously right next to the darn basket). Whoever it is that has your heart in their pocket, remind yourself of that love and why it's there- in their pocket. Those little annoying things can add up, yes. They can make you crazy, to the point of yelling and arguing. When the argument is over, you realize it wasn't worth it. Within a few days, or even hours, it happens again. You find yourself just kind of in a back and fourth situation. That's a relationship. That's life getting in our way. Things can get hectic and inconvenient. 

Just remember all the great, little things. Those 'little things' are the reason you handed them your heart to put in their pocket, without any fear they'd ever drop it (Guys, don't be hard on yourself, you did some amazing things for her to love you like she does.)

Now, let's get back to the part where I said, "that little sparkle in their eye when you compliment them". I sincerely hope you all got a chance to take advantage of our $10 Tuesday, The Berlin Tank. How awesome is this tank? Now, this is something he can look and feel good in, and I'm sure you'll have zero issues complimenting this tank right off. *giggles slightly* (Guys, I'm looking out for you). Fall is approaching, fast. I know, right?! The weather can be tricky. What, with the muggy days and chilly eves. Your favorite man can wear this to the pumpkin patch in the afternoon, then layer a cardi or zip hoody and be set. Easy Peasy.  

Okay, so you missed Tuesday? You really need to check out our Tuesday deals from now on. Promise? Okay, Don't panic. We have you covered. Use Code:BERLINBLOGDEAL at checkout to get your hunk The Berlin Tank for only $21.00 for the rest of the week! The man gets some compliments from you, and you get eye candy. Darn good deal if you ask me. 

Happy vibes your way, until next time. 

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