Just Wednesday thoughts from me to you

There have been days when my neighbors may have seen me with my hair up, in what I can only describe as a curly, tangled- nest, bun. Especially if I had the privilege of time to wash my hair that day. I mean who the heck has time to wash, blow out and straighten every darn day? Am I right? (I'm sure you're nodding along). Probably no bra- that doesn't even need an explanation. Mowing my lawn and yelling at my toddler to get away from the bee nest. Now, there have been days when my hair was blown out, my eyeliner was winged like a pro, and not only did I have a bra on, but damn did I look good that day. The "I'm still a hot chick look", the "I still got it look", or even the "damn my booty looks good in these jeans look". They probably assume I have a cousin who visits and looks like me, drinks the same beer and has the same loud as heck laugh (laugh, it's okay, because I am). They may even think, "aww it's so nice of this well put together lady to check on Christina".

Point being, don't be so hard on yourself for the "homely look", the "still in pajamas from Tuesday look", the "darn you for mowing your lawn so early and waking my kid up look". You're still in there. You're still you. It's hard to look your best when you're giving a small human your best.

Being a mother, no wait, being a woman, is hard. There is a lot of pressure for us to give 100% of ourselves to our friends, families, and lovers. Some of us go to a job and clock in then go home and continue working. Some of us stay home with our children, and boy is that STILL a job. 24/7, no sick or vacation days, and no 15-minute breaks. It can be hard and overwhelming. I'm sure we all can agree.

Take a look in your children's eyes, and you will see how worth it- it truly is. Women that haven't had children or don't plan on it, it can still be hard to find where you fit in, and the struggles are still there, even without children, I know. Find that silver lining. Find your passion, and never stray from it.

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Until next Wednesday, keep your chins up, buttercups.

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