I am human!

I know, that's a very vague title for a blog post right? AM I writing about food, clothes, my Cheeto's addiction... it could literally be anything!
(notice how I mentioned food twice? Last night prince charming made a comment about me always wanting food. Naturally, now all I can think about it the yummy food. I want some crispy chicken wings SO BAD!)


I want to just take a second to point out that I am human. I make mistakes. I do everything in my power to fix any mistakes I do happen to make! I am a one (wo)man show in the office I have an AMAZING team of admins for all of our virtual needs. But in the office, sewing, it is just me. I make every single item we offer by hand. One piece at a time. 

Don't think I am saying this to excuse any errors I make. I am not. If there is ever an issue with an order, we WANT you to get in contact with us. We want you to love your purchase and we want you to want to support small business. Not just this one, all of them. 

I am bringing this up because I made myself a shirt. I thought to myself, "I'll add my graphic BEFORE I sew it because maybe it will be easier and faster". Seriously, when something isn't broken, don't try to fix it! I put my graphic on the back!!!

What do I do with this?! .... I wear it. That's what I do. Because even if I made a mistake, I put time and effort into this shirt. I made it with my own two hands. I took a 6 foot cut of stretchy fabric and some elastic and created a beautiful shirt that just so happens to have a graphic on the back. 

If you like to sew and you want to try out this dolman top, grab your pattern here with my affiliate link!

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