Hunting for the Elusive Easter Eggs!

There comes a time, every year, where our littles search high & low for the elusive Easter eggs. We make sure each egg is strategically placed, yet easy to identify. The littles always get a thrill out of the search, possibly more excitement occurs when they get to open the eggs & release the surprise! This year, we are stuffing bows in our eggs, a bit healthier than candy. Don't worry, there will be candy too!  
Spending the quality time with the families and creating the hunt for the littles is a special part of this season.  
How fun would it be to have a bow to wear during this hunt? 
At Fairytale Bows & Tutus, we can make just that happen! 
We enjoy customizing anything for kids & adults alike. From 'mommy & me' to 'daddy & me' to 'all of us'! 

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