How to Order Custom Clothing

September 23, 2019

-First, MEASURE! All items are made from patterns, these patterns come from numerous designers and each designer has a different fit. Measure and follow the given size chart for each item.

-Take a look through each page. Many patterns have multiple options. Some tops are also available in dress length, dresses in various lengths and pants also available as shorts. To minimize the amount of listings, we combine all options available  on each pattern into one listing. Add the item(s) you have chosen into your cart.

-Then, go select your fabrics. Or maybe you have a fabric already and are choosing what to make with it, that's perfectly fine too! When selecting fabric there are multiple buying options.

1) You can pick from what we have available. You'll notice they aren't all the same price.

2) You also have the option to send in your own fabric! Order and have it shipped to us here or buy it in store and ship it to us!

Fairytale B&T

505 Penn St

Bath pa 18014

(Sorry locals, no drop off or pick up). You can use this option under "special order fabric" and selecting the option "I will buy my own fabric"

3) Need me to find something special for you? Not a problem! Select the listing "special order fabric" and the option "you buy my fabric". Note that there may be additional funds due depending on the material selected and how much is needed. An invoice will be sent for the difference. Your fabric will not be ordered until it is paid. If delayed payment causes the fabric to no longer be available, you will not be refunded and other options will be shown.

3) my choice. This is great for those who just simply can't decide or like a surprise. I will use in stock material at no extra cost to you! 

You may be wondering "why am I paying for fabric and an item?" Its rather simple really. Because fabrics can range so greatly (from $1 to as much as $50 per yard) it gives everyone a more fair price. The item cost includes the time to make it, threads, elastics ect. And then you select your fabric. If you choose a discount fabric, you aren't paying the price of the high quality threaded unicorn hair fabric!

* if no fabric is added, the order will be treated as a my choice option. There will be no refunds or returns.

After you have your items and fabrics in your cart, you're ready to check out!

BUT WAIT! before you submit payment, double check that you have all your patterns (and correct options) and all of your fabrics in your cart. Custom items can not be returned or exchanged for any reason. We do not cancel orders once placed. TRIPPLE CHECK!

current TAT is 7 business days

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