Get Your Mom Tribe Together

Our attention is valuable. Who and what it goes to will make or break you.

As a mother, I have this beautiful miracle who not only desires 100% of me, he deserves it. Sometimes, life gets in the way of that without us even realizing it. Look in the mirror, and remind yourself that you have a little human depending on you to learn and grow from. No matter what this world gives us, it will never be more important than our children. If you ever feel that something else is draining your well being, look in your child's eyes, see their future, and you will be reminded what is truly important. I have never been so sure of the unconditional love this little person has for me, so I will always give him the same. Forever. And everything else, is not important anymore. Get over it. They are depending on you to teach them. To love them. To show them how to love.

Will it be hard, yes. Will you want to give up some days, yes. I can not stress enough the importance of having a "Mom Tribe". Sounds weird, I know, so allow me to explain. Friends, especially after having your children, will change. Maybe, they will leave your life completely. There will be people in your life that will stay, though. Whether it is your Mother, your Aunt, your Cousin or a friend who also has a child (maybe they don't but they are supportive of yours)- this is your "Mom Tribe". The people or person you don't have to clean your house before they come over, or even take a shower. The friend you can curse around, maybe have a drink with (if you need it). More importantly, the one who can see you're tired, and offers help. Help can be taking the baby for an hour, allowing you to vent, or even stopping over with a bottle of wine after said baby is in bed for the night. Sometimes, as Mothers, it becomes hard to reach out.

We are strong, we are fierce and we don't need help, right? Wrong. We are humans who are giving so much of ourselves 24/7 that we often forget, we too, are living beings who also need to eat, shower, and have communication. We are selfless, by nature, and we strive to be the very best Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, and Friend we can be. This is to remind you that, not only is it okay, it is necessary to be selfish sometimes. This is also a reminder that your "Mom Tribe" will tell you these things. Now, when they do, please do not get offended or feel that you are doing something wrong. They are there to care for YOU, and the most important aspect in any relationship is trust and honesty. Allow them to be honest with you, and trust that you are not seeing just how tired you may be. Your child's hand fit in yours, and they needed you to survive. One day, your hand will be smaller, more fragile, and you will look to them to keep you safe. Remember that.

*takes a deep breath*

It is okay to have a cocktail after a long day, and my son is in bed.

*takes a deep breath*

It is okay my dishes are not done.

*turns up music, and sips beer. takes a deep breath*

It is okay to cry knowing they will be starting school, and even though you will miss them, you can't help but thank the heavens above for some darn peace and quiet.

Now, I'm sure you saw our $10 Tuesday deal this week. There is no way you missed it with the constant nagging from me. *giggles* School is starting and I'm sure you are burnt out just from buying everything on the school supply list. Am I right? I'm surprised the schools aren't asking for the kids to buy their own desks yet. Well, this week I have a deal for you that will make things a little easier. The Summer Vibes tank- adorable right? Well, How about buy one, get one free? Use Code: BLOGBUYONEGETONE at checkout to get TWO of these awesome tops for the price of one! The style is awesome because they are uni-sex, so don't forget to choose your fabric and have fun! These are great for the warmer weather, and you can layer a cardi on top. Boom. Problem solved.

Good luck to all the kiddos making their way back to school, and better luck to the parents having to get them ready in the morning! Until next week, folks, get your Mom Tribe together, take a deep breath and smile.

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