Friday Night Cheeto Time

It's bedtime on Friday night.

It's my hallelujah time. I made it through the week and everyone is alive! It was a rough week here. Our little princess isn't adjusting to life in school as well as we had hoped. My dentist put me on a soft food diet. Of course, after we went and spent a ton of money on groceries I can no longer eat. The new version of Destiny (video game) came out and prince charming has been "dead to the world" as he calls it. That last one, I haven't decided if I like or dislike that yet.

So here we are. Friday night. I am snuggled on the couch with Max (our grumpy old cuddly cat) under our favorite fuzzy blanket binge watching my current obsession on Netflix. I am trying to convince myself that Cheetos pass as a soft food! Tell me they do, even if they don't.

Being a mom is so mentally and physically exhausting. There are moments that I just want to hide and cry. Cry just because I don't know what else to feel. Remember that moment when you held your baby for the first time? All of the love and emotion surging through your body after the torture of labor. Friday nights are like a little piece of that. The week is just exhausting! So much to do and so little time. There are moments of laughter and moments we rather not bring up again (like me on Monday when Peyton got in trouble). When those little eyes close for good (ugh finally) on Friday night and we check on them before laying ourselves down, we get that moment. Looking at them so peaceful and knowing we are doing exactly what we are meant to do. No matter what happens in life, that little heart beat is what keeps us going. We smile just a little, feel that spark of love in our hearts and go to drift off.

Before I say good bye and get Cheeto dust on my hands again, I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know. With so much love, goodnight!

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