Crash The Chatterbox - My Take

When I heard of Crash the Chatterbox, initially I didn't pay it any mind. I am not a super religious person. I go to church occasionally but I don't plan my life around it. It wasn't until after I was told that it could help me further my business that I hopped on Amazon and ordered a copy!

As soon as I began reading I could feel it hitting home and stirring up things that I have suppressed for a very long time. Quickly I realized that this book was NOT going to help me further my business but rather, it was going to help me from getting in my own way.

In my first video, I talked about the voices in our heads trying to convince us that we are bad people. I am so hard on myself for not being a good cook. I make jokes about it but those jokes secretly tear me apart and I've convinced myself that I am half the mom I could be because I'm not the one cooking dinner. At the end of the day, who cares?! As long as my daughter is fed and somewhat a healthy meal, who cares who made it!? That doesn't make me a bad mom! Overcoming these things that we tell ourselves, composed of half-truths, is the first step to crashing that chatterbox!



We discussed insecurity. Yeah, don't go running now!

There is a quote from the book that really stuck with me. Steven Furtick says "Stop comparing your behind the scenes with someone else's high light reel". So basically he's saying, don't be upset if your house doesn't look like the ones on Pinterest. Don't be sad that your friend's kids are getting awards and your kid seems average (I promise, no kid is average, they're all extraordinary!). People only, typically, post the best things. We need to stop comparing our entire lives to the little snips that other people post!

One hot topic that people get easily offended about and always have an opinion of is the annual Christmas Eve tree picture. I want to nip it in the butt! People think that the quantity is bragging. If I wrap ten coloring books from the dollar tree and put them under my tree it will APPEAR to be more than one large $10 coloring book. They are, in reality, equal. The appearance of the two different trees, however, can cause a total uproar. Another example, if I buy ten baby dolls at the dollar store for $1 each the tree will look plentiful. If I buy that one baby doll from Walmart for $10 then there will be one wrapped item under the tree. My point is, when everyone is posting pictures of wrapped presents under the tree, try not to get offended. You are judging the book by the cover. You can't see what is inside the wrapping paper. Your tree is just as shiny and beautiful and the work you put into everything you do for the holidays will not go unnoticed. 



Finally, I ended with a discussion of trauma. The ending of the book rattled me to the core in ways I never thought it would. I reached out about abuse of all kinds and let people know, I understand and I am here. I am here to talk to. I am here to just listen. I will show you comfort and support. I will keep your secrets if you need me to. I will help if you need me to. I will always be a shoulder, an ear, and a friend. If you or someone you know suffers ANY kind of abuse, please know that you (or they) have an unbiased place to turn. I will not judge. I know what NOT to say to a victim, and sometimes that is the most important thing someone can offer. I am touched by the number of people who reached out for comfort after this video.



After I finished the book, I felt a sense of peace within myself that I never thought I was capable of feeling. I faced myself, my insecurities, and the things others did to me that I had no control of. In the end, I highly recommend this book to everyone. Even if you are not religious, you should grab a copy.


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