Birthdays, Excitement & Bonny's... oh my!

I have a beautiful niece, her name is Gia & on March 18th, she turned one. Where has the time gone!

Everyone likes to do something fun for their birthday, we didn't let her down. We live in the sunny state of Florida so we decided to take her on her first big trip to Bush Gardens. She's been once before, but since that time, she has started walking. She loved it!

Gorillas and Tigers and Flamingo's... oh my!

Since everything always has to be special on your big day, we took Gia on the carousel for the very first time! She loved it from beginning to end. Us adults on the other hand, well, let's just say we will not be going on it again anytime soon!

She had a blast the whole day. Even stayed happy without getting overheated (which she does often, she's a hot box!). If you don't know much about Florida then I can explain it in one word... HOT! We had her dressed in her super cute Birthday outfit from Fairytale Bows and Tutus. From her bow down to her skirt! Everything was lightweight and cool.

We always get compliments on what she is wearing and her Birthday was no different. The Bonny Skirt is one of our most favorite clothing items!!

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