Be creative, in your closet!

Good morning lovely blog readers! Welcome back.

We are here at Fairytale Bows & Tutus are having a bit of a makeover. We are rebranding. Still the same wonderful and fabulous company, we are just trying to broaden the spectrum for everyone. We want everyone to know that we are not just bows and tutus! Although the bows are amazing, think a little farther outside the box. We offer so much for everyone in your home. Not just the bow wearers. Customize orders for boys and girls of all ages. Did you hear that? Ladies and gents! Guys and gals! You can basically dress yourself from head to toe with a unique and fun design that you pick out brought to your doorstep from Fairytale B&T's. Boxers for the guys and a variety of undies for us ladies. Shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, hoodies, leggings. Need I say more? You name it and we probably make it. If not, I am sure that if you send us a message we may just very well be able to get on that! (Kind of like how you guys get on those bows!) Everyone loves to get some new stuff now and then. Why not get a unique and possibly one of a kind design made just for you!

I also want to mention that in Queen Bee's house there appears to be an abundance of material! You can notice the "wall" of colors and creative designs during the live sale! So, not only can you get a huge variety of items, you can also get them in an array of materials. You name it and she probably has it. All you have to do is take a gander at the page and make some choices. Have you made the choice? Be sure to use the code REBRAND for free shipping on all orders over $5. Offer valid until 7/18/17 at 11:59pm. Any questions? Never hesitate to ask!

Be sure to always check out our website and Facebook to follow up on the fun! There is never a dull moment for us. We play games and even do some giveaways. Right now there is a Facebook banner contest that you should most certainly take a whack at! Be creative and let us help you create some fun for your closet!




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