Be brighter than the sun!

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I love to people watch. I am not a judgmental person either, I just typically watch in admiration. I admire the style and how much it changes and how much people dare to challenge a style. Some people pick up on trends, some stick with whatever they want, and some take a twist on trends and make it their very own. I think this is amazing. Styles and trends change a lot and they have changed so much looking back. Things come and go out of style. My mom, for instance, she says that when she was in high school it was so simple. Everyone wore blue jeans, white sneakers and a solid or striped button up shirt. It was acceptable and that is what everyone wore. Sounds simple enough. Probably wasn't hard to go school clothes shopping. But it sounds so boring! Today's trends have come so far compared to that.

The prints on materials are astonishing! Some are screaming, some are yelling, and some are quiet. I think it's awesome. That is one of the things that I love most about Fairytale Bows and Tutus. We always have a variety of material and often times it isn't all that "plain Jane". It is fun! It is upbeat! It is always changing! From pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, and dresses. A nice upbeat pattern really makes a huge difference. I feel like when you wear something fun filled you feel fun filled. You feel loud! People look and you and they see how happy you are daring to be different. Why not? I think if you want to wear butterflies on your shirt and rainbow pants then, by all means, DO IT.

Be fun. Be exciting. Be a go getter with a dresser full of fun and exciting clothes. Wear your shirts as skirts and skirts as shirts. Pick up that pair of pants that has been calling your name from across the store. Order whatever you want in that fun and unique material! If you look and feel as bright as the sun that is because YOU ARE! If you accept it, it is acceptable! Are you going to do it? Go ahead, and use coupon code LOUDANDPROUD on a Slim Fit Raglan for only $30 while you're at it! You will look and be amazing in whatever you decide. We will even support you if you become slightly addicted to the fun! After all, if you like it and you feel good and happy wearing it, then that is exactly what you should do.

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