Back To School with Pickle Toes Patterns

Today was one of the hardest days I've faced as a mother. My only child (with no intentions of having another) walked into school for the very first time. My heart aches but my sewing brain is excited!!! Does that make me a bad person? I'm so stinking excited to work in peace, but my heart hurts knowing where she is right now. 

I can't help but wonder what she's doing and if she's thinking of home. As a stay at home mom, I need to find my daily purpose again. Thank goodness I sew for a living and have plenty of work to keep me busy! With Pickle Toes Patterns, I can quickly and easily make a new outfit every day to distract my broken heart. Lord knows I'm so addicted and have every pattern too! (have mercy!)

For her first day of school, my little princess picked one of my very favorite items.
I was lucky enough to have tested the Polliwogs (much like the Tadpoles but for bigger girls) and have PLENTY made for school. She chose the pair I made for testing! Her oldest pair of polliwogs is still her absolute favorite!


Be sure to check out her "kitty girl" video on our Facebook page. It's adorable! I may be a bit biased though. *wink wink*

It is no secret, I make Polliwogs all the time. They are a wardrobe staple! The fit has been absolutely perfected. If they're made by measurements, there is no bunching in the crotch, no saggy knees, the length is absolutely perfect, AND she wants to wear them all the time! Even two seasons later! If you need a custom pair of Polliwogs, you can get them here. If you need help constructing this pattern, watch my video. I made a pair live!

Naturally, I couldn't stop with Polliwogs!

The Adorabelle was my very first Pickle Toes Patterns purchase! This is an all in one pattern. The hood options alone should be a seller! The pixie style hood is perfect for little girls! Or use a standard hood, or don't add a hood. YES! They are all options included in the pattern! Flutter sleeves, short sleeves, long belled sleeves, multiple skirt lengths... seriously. ALL IN ONE PATTERN! It only costs $7.50 and you can make over 100 variations with the number of options included! If that hasn't sold you on this pattern, I have a bonus coupon code for you. How does an additional 25% off site wide sound*?! 

Okay, okay, this Adorabelle I made for school...

Don't sew, don't have time to sew? Get your custom Adorabelle tunic here.

So I've shown you leggings and I've shown you a tunic... What about dresses? Well, there are loads of dresses to choose from. After I fell madly in love with Adorabelle, I went ahead and got the Leia Dress pattern. My customers may know this as the Buddy N Me Dress. I also used the shorts from the new Summer Sleepover set for playground shorts. I know my little girl and I know how she plays. She is innocent and oblivious to the horrors in the world. I know that she won't let a dress hold her back from the monkey bars and slides. This means shorts are a must under her dresses! The shorts in the Summer Sleepover set are perfect for this purpose. They also second as pajama shorts. Who doesn't love a good two in one!??

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*Minimum purchase of $7.50 code FAIRY
** Fabric credit:
Cat Polliwogs: Sash Fabrics
Lumber Jane Polliwogs: Rockerbyedestash
Floral Adorabelle: Vinegar And Honey Co
Sofia and Friends Leia: Snowy Owl Customs
Solids: So Sew English
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