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Back To School with Pickle Toes Patterns

Today was one of the hardest days I've faced as a mother. My only child (with no intentions of having another) walked into school for the very first time. My heart aches but my sewing brain is excited!!! Does that make me a bad person? I'm so stinking excited to work in peace, but my heart hurts knowing where she is right now.  I can't help but wonder what she's doing and if she's thinking of home. As a stay at home mom, I need to find my daily purpose again. Thank goodness I sew for a living and have plenty of work to keep me busy! With Pickle Toes Patterns, I can quickly and easily make a new outfit every...

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Sew Americana

HELLO, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND HANDSOME MEN! If you have followed all week and gone in order, you've visited some amazing shops and blogs along the way. If you haven't made all the stops, do so. These women have created inspirational pieces! They are all linked down there at the bottom. Let me explain why I am here. Why I chose to make outfits for "America Day" as my daughter calls it. A plain white tee would have sufficed but I needed my outlet. Here is why:Last year we hosted a party for the fourth of July. I will NEVER do it again! Spending time with family and friends is fun and amazing memories are made. This is absolutely true.Last year I used...

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